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Yield generation by Making DeFi and TradFi working in synergy

Earn yield through decentralized derivatives strategies Inspired by TradFi and adapted to DeFi

Our users are traders, dApps, DAOs, liquidity providers, stakers.
We offer them an easy to use platform to benefit from decentralized derivatives strategies proposed by experienced traders, and managed by sound risk practices.

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Dirac Finance dApp

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With a commitment to user-friendliness, we ensure complexity remains concealed behind streamlined trading interface. Investors can effortlessly deposit assets, which are then strategically deployed into sophisticated derivatives strategies, based on options, structured products, tokenized bonds…

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Why Dirac Finance?

Innovative Approach

Dirac Finance redefines DeFi yield generation, combining the best of TradFi sophistication with DeFi accessibility.

Provide and Forget

With Dirac Finance, select one or more strategies, simply deposit your assets and let the algorithms do the work. Experience hassle-free, high-yield generation without constant monitoring or adjustments.

Community Governance

Operated as a fully decentralized ecosystem, Dirac Finance empowers its community members to propose enhancements and strategies, ensuring continuous evolution.

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DeFi Depositors

Thanks to Dirac Finance, in just two clicks DeFi users can deposit in a wide range of vaults to generate returns via institutional-grade derivative strategies proposed by experienced traders.

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TradFi Derivatives Traders

As a decentralized protocol, any derivatives trader can propose strategies to be incorporated in Dirac Finance vaults. Dirac Finance strategists come from companies such as HSBC, Goldman Sach and institutions such as Ecole Polytechnique, Imperial College.

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Advanced Risk Mitigation

Beyond just security, Dirac Finance employs a suite of sophisticated risk mitigation techniques, including delta balancing, option hedges, and more, to protect investor principal.

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Smart Algorithms

Dirac Decision Making Algorithm (DDMA) and Dirac Global Hedging Algorithm (DGHA) ensure optimal position initiation and comprehensive risk management.


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Omar, CEO

+8 years exp in the banking industry

+4 years in crypto

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique & Master's in Finance - France


+15 years in structured products

Expert in software development (Solidity, Python, C, C++)

PhD in Maths and Master's in Finance - HK, London

Nicolas, Lead Developer

In the crypto space since 2017

Smart contract security and gas optimisation expert

Blockchain Engineer graduated from ESILV - France

Kamal, Head of Treasury

International expertise in treasury management

DAO board member

BEM Graduate - Switzerland

Thomas, Senior Developer

Software engineer with 6+ years of experience

Contributing to the crypto market and Web 3 since 2017

University of Business and Technology - Hanoi, Vietnam

Salime, Developer

Blockchain Software Developer

Senior Web3.0 DApps Developer

Electrical and Telecommunication Engineer - Lomé, Togo

Wenhao, Marketing Lead

Expertise in Digital Marketing and Growth Strategies

Experienced in Data & Business Analysis, and tokenomics

EM Lyon and East China Normal University - Paris, Shanghai

Francesco, Community Manager

Crypto Lover since 2019;

DeFi Native Community Manager Aspiring YouTuber, Italy

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